Bank Supervision

Díaz & Hilterscheid accompanies institutes and IT service companies in the banking sector in the areas of conceptual design and system integration whenever new requirements are placed on the data preparation aspects of reporting. Our staff have years of technical and business-related experience in this area.

The law requires the fulfillment of a multitude of supervisory regulations and completion of statistical reporting obligations. Continual legal updates force institutes to make running adjustments to their internal processes and systems.

In pre-studies Díaz & Hilterscheid analyzes your change requirements on the basis of European legal proposals and creates the implementation concept for adapting your business processes and IT, particularly with regard to the calculated effort and required resources.

We accompany you during implementation and testing to ensure that requirements are completely fulfilled from both the business and the technical points of view. Our team is also there to consult with you on the creation of reports after the changes have been introduced into productive use.