IT Process Analysis and Design

Díaz & Hilterscheid analyzes with you the IT processes in your company with regard to their effectiveness and performance. Using standardized models and procedures (CMMI®, SPICE, TPI®, ITILv3®) our IT process experts objectively determine the maturity of your processes and identify possibilities for optimization and rationalization.

According to your objectives we create with you an improvement strategy in the areas of software development, quality assurance and test and IT service management. If required, we will remodel these processes and accompany you in the implementation of the changes. We are available to your team for business aspects or consulting.

Díaz & Hilterscheid constructs with you a process management which suits your needs and which enables you to reliably deal with the introduction, change, configuration and documentation of your IT processes, as well as with any problems which may occur.


Quality management

Achieving excellent results with regard the capabilities of an organization and the quality of its products requires a strategic, all-encompassing quality management. Of central concern is the assurance and continual improvement of all operational procedures in the company.

Díaz & Hilterscheid accompanies your quality control on the basis of standardized models (ISO, EFQM) and defines your company policy with you in a quality management handbook. We check on the efficiency and documentation of your business and IT processes and optimize your risk and innovation management, the use of techniques and tools, and the quality of your data. We train your staff and get them involved to the appropriate degree with the quality management.

Díaz & Hilterscheid sets up metrics with you so that quality can be measured. This makes the achievement of your quality objectives measurable and enables long-term process optimization, risk reduction, cost savings and an increase in customer satisfaction.


Requirements Management

Keeping within the calculated time and budget in software development projects, while achieving the desired quality, depends to a large extent on the detailed formulation of requirements. This can reduce substantially the scope for interpretation in the development and maintenance of software.

Díaz & Hilterscheid defines with you an efficient development and management process with which the requirements in your organization can be documented, prioritized, structured, changed, checked and controlled. We will consult with you regarding the correct, complete and consistent capture and formulation of your functional and non-functional requirements. We will make you aware of the business and organizational risks as well as dependencies to members of the project.
In addition to this we offer as accredited training provider the recognized training course “IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” as well as effective coaching.


Data Quality Management

Taking care of the company’s data is a very time consuming and effort intensive activity which has up to now contributed to its neglect. Poor data quality can, however, have a highly negative impact on a company’s results; it can lead to incorrect decisions, incorrect reports, incorrect accounting and failed projects. The consequences and market perceptions resulting from bad data quality are disastrous since they are often associated with a substantial loss of image.

Díaz & Hilterscheid works with you to construct or optimize your data quality management. The objective is to identify incorrect or redundant data, to correct errors and to prevent them from happening in the future by adopting specific measures and establishing processes for data quality management. We develop with you individual strategies and implementation concepts, and we are there for you during roll-out. We synchronize the various divergent interests in your company, whether this is between the business and IT departments or between those that make the data available, administer it or use it. If you wish, we will support your staff in this respect.


Project Management

Professional project management means actively controlling and structuring complex activities in an objective-oriented, risk-based way, including the analysis of requirements, design, implementation, test and acceptance. The objective is to achieve the desired product quality within the planned time period and according to budget.

Díaz & Hilterscheid supports you in the specific formulation of your project objectives and plans the project implementation with you on the basis of defined requirements and available resources. To achieve this we create a time and cost plan, define milestones and evaluate existing processes. We provide estimates for requirements changes and for possible critical situations, and develop with you risk-based alternative plans of action.

Díaz & Hilterscheid consults you regarding the composition of your development and project teams and accompanies them during the entire implementation.