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Good Afternoon!

Welcome to our first issue of the D&H Bulletin. We at D&H are thirsty for knowledge and like to share our know how with other people. Many of our customers already know and value this. That is why we want to share new insights, fresh knowledge and news about innovations with you on a monthly basis.

Every month, you will receive our newsletter with fixed categories and information about the latest agile and testing trends. The first issue of the D&H Bulletin is dedicated to the importance of increased security particularly for software developers and testers.

To help you save your already precious time we improved our newsletter with estimated reading times, so that you know exactly how many minutes it will take you to read the articles.

In addition to our monthly newsletter, we would like to introduce you to our very first live talk series, called AgileTD Mondays, Read on to find all information about AgileTD Mondays.

We hope you enjoy reading our D&H Bulletin.

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Don’t miss this Monday:

AgileTD Mondays Schedule

by Llewellyn Falco
6 March 2017, 4 PM (GMT+1)

ApprovalTests is a way to write much more powerful checks which allows you to remove the need to create as complicated unit test and as many scenarios. This will be a side by side comparision of how approval testing changes unit testing.

Shift Left (DevOps) the Right Wayagiletd-speaker2
by Jean-Paul Varwijk
13 March 2017, 4 PM (GMT+1)

A common approach to DevOps seems to be to merge development and operations, remove existing roles and rebrand them to software- and ops-engineer, combined with the introduction of continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Practical Agil Test Leadership
by Selena Delesieagiletd-speaker2
20 March 2017, 4 PM (GMT+1)

Teams struggle for many reasons, leaving people frustrated, complacent, and content to exist in mediocrity. There is a secret that propels individuals, teams, and entire organizations to be really successful: leadership! Not just executives, managers, or those with leader titles get to lead – everyone does. Even testers.

The Most Effective Thing That Programmers Learn From Me Isn’t About Programmingagiletd-speaker4
by J.B. Rainsberger
27 March 2017, 4 PM (GMT+1)

I’ve been teaching the secrets of modular design and surviving legacy code for over 10 years. I sometimes have the chance to find out from my clients which ideas, techniques, principles, and values have helped them the most. You might expect people learning evolutionary design through TDD to talk in glowing terms about the transforming power of writing the tests first or of the Dependency Inversion Principle.

Food for Thoughts:

5 Min:
“Security will be a defining feature for almost all products and services in the future”, according to Rob Lambert. He claims that security will become the decisive indicator in the market. Why?


10 Min:
“The current passcode/biometric methods are strong but why can’t we use advanced factors for that extra edge of security?” John Biggs explains why 2017 must be the year of mobile security.


15 Min:
Sai Balabhadrapatruni, Matt Keil and Anuj Sawani take an ‘ongoing’ look into the future concerning 2017 cybersecurity. They predict that Machine Learning and AI-Driven frameworks will shape Cloud Security.


30 Min:
“A compromised smartphone represents a threat not just to the targeted employee but to the entire company”, declares Robbie Forkish. In his article, he explains how comprehensive consumer surveillance threatens enterprises to be exposed to corporate hacks, stolen business data and crippling cyberattacks.


State of the Art:

Co-funded by The European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020,  the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology is developing a collaboration platform named CloudTeams. The mission is to strengthen competitivness and to open up the development process. Shortly, they will release the 4th version of the CloudTeams Collaboration Platform.


Keep Calm & Listen to Music

Sony has shared a song composed by Artificial Intelligence. Exploiting unique combinations of style transfer, optimization and interaction techniques, FlowMachines composes novel songs in many styles. Listen to Daddy’s Car in the style of the Beatles.


Did you know that …?




The Best of All

Save the Date in your calender and tell your boss, teammates and colleagues that the 9th edition of the Agile Testing Days will take place from the 13th to the 17th November in Potsdam, Germany. This time, the ATD 2017 festival will start with different tutorials (full- or half-day) on Monday, followed by a 4-days conference from Tuesday until Friday.

Get ready for the Call for Papers, which will open tonight.

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