Editorial No.10

Dear readers,

Load & Performance testing is one of the topics where I don’t really have a clue. Well, didn’t have!I think that Load & Performance is quite dificult for most people due to the comprehensive knowledge needed to be a good professional. You will fnd here some nice articles about it. I hope you like it and enjoy reading.

I was at the Iqnite Conference in Düsseldorf recently, which we media sponsored. It was good to see old and new faces and to discuss the magazine with some readers. I’m really happy about the wonderful feedback that I received and thank you again for the congratulations. We try to do our best. We agreed that the last issue was extremely good, and there are no old or new competitors to be afraid of.

A few weeks ago, many of you were afraid about the volcano Eyjafalajokull. Some well known professionals were stuck fast for some days without being able to go back home or attend conferences. My friend Hans Schaefer was in Iceland recently and made some great pictures of the volcano. Have a look on http://jalbum.net/browse/user/album/597403/

Amazing! Hans is not only a great professional and one of the best speakers I know, but also a person who loves the world and nature. I’m not sure whether he went to Iceland because he thought that the volcano was a steam locomotive … possible, because he is also a passionate steam locomotive driver!

On June 7-8 we will have the Testing & Finance in Bad Homburg. I hope to see you there. It looks like we will have a full house.

Last but not least, my son had his 7th birthday! I’m getting older and this is good! It is amazing to talk to and with him, and it’s very difcult to explain to him what my company does! Childrens’ minds work different. Nice.

Enjoy reading!

José Manuel Díaz Delgado

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