Editorial No.11

Dear readers,

Already when I did my thesis about metrics on software development there were different opinions about it due to the fact that having “numbers” you can compare and see what is good and what is not so good.

In this issue we face a lot of sights, visions and opinions about metrics. Once again, we received a lot of articles and like the last time it pains us not to be able to publish all of them, maybe in a later issue we will do.

This time we also included a very long article from Tom Gilb and Lindsey Brodie about requirements specifcations and its value delivery. I hope you like it.

We did have a wonderful Testing & Finance with very good keynotes specially from Nitin Bhargava and my friend Bj Rollinson. If you weren’t there you missed something good. In March 2011 we are planning the Testing & Finance in New York, I hope to see you there.

Last but not least, this year I went on holiday twice. Once with my kids in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote and the second time alone in Northern Spain. Now in Ribadeo writing the editorial I’m facing the last days of my Camino de Santiago which started in Bilbao. I did the northern path at the coast, with some excursions to Burgos and León. An amazing trip. I think that you can make this trip under different sights: religious, self-discovery, culture, meditation, life retrospective and of course the food and beverages culture. My main focus was culture, meditation and food!! I met Amalia – a pastoress taking care of chicken, sheep and cows – who lives in a small room for 5 month alone in the mountains. I had a very nice talk with her. I bought some “cabrales” cheese and enjoyed the walk through the Picos de Europa by Covadonga. This can also be a very exciting life. You don’t need to be a tester to be happy.

It doesn’t matter what your motive is, the trip will help to switch of from your day to day routine and look at life differently. I will do this trip again. I will do it in stages, and for each stage a different friend. I’m looking forward to it.

Enjoy reading!

José Díaz

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