Editorial No.12

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Open Source inherit a risk and this risk gets different weights by the implicated actors in the project or company.

I remember my first project working at the police IT-department. We found a very cool application developed by a very smart and small company in East Germany at the beginning of the ’90.

They developed the software and hardware to analyze traffic control films. I know, we hate this pictures! They used their own graphic controller and film reader hardware. For that they used Linux!

Today we would say, that Linux has not really a risk. There is a common open source OS supported by many companies and individuals. At the beginning of the ’90 it was not really the case at all.

The IT directors of the ministry liked the solution but didn’t want to have Linux. Too risky! The solution was that one of the biggest software and hardware vendors worldwide delivered the Linux PC in a rack of this company – you could see the logo! – and they were the company who sold this to the police under its fag. The small and smart company was subcontractors. The risk was minimized in the eyes of the IT directors. Today we can laugh about it, almost 20 years later, but it was quite stressful. We had a lot of fears …

Linux is and was not a small solution that is used by a “few” people and don’t have the support of the community. There are other tools that are far away from this position. I think that one of the things to avoid and this is also valid for commercial software, is to minimize the risk. Risk mitigation paired with fnance investment and expected ROI are probably the key to use Open Source software. Open Source tools are like life, they are born and they die, but you got the code! We do have some articles talking about all this. Thanks to the authors for taking part in this.

We are facing the next year, not only were we faced with Xmas decorations in October already, but we are also facing the planning of our events for the new year. We got over 90 papers for the Belgium Testing Days. Wow! Have a look at the program. We have a very good feeling about the success of the BTDs. The Call for Papers for the Testing & Finance Europe will run until December 31st . The leitmotiv of it is: The future of fnance: Agility and security. Please send us your paper. As soon as we have dates for the Testing & Finance USA we will inform you. Don’t miss the planned tutorials of Gojko Adzic and Michael Bolton in January.

Sometimes you have friends that meet 4-6 times a year and spent time with them in the bar and talk about many things, not only about business and football. But sometimes you get an email and see that you really need more time to get to know them better. I got an email from my friend Geof Thompson informing me that he is supporting Movember – a program that raises money for the awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those afected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer. I’m really aware of this problem due to the death of my uncle, but also because another friend of mine has fighting this disease for the last two years. I kindly ask you to support this initiative. Part of the game is to laugh at my dear friend Geof and how is face changed in the last 4 weeks. It reminds me of the days when I used to “wear” a moustache!

I get myself checked every year! Don’t miss the date with your urologist! It could save your life! Last but not least I thank the sponsors of the magazine, the authors and you the reader for spreading the word. I wish you all a nice seasons holidays and enjoy the time with the people you love.

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