Editorial No.13

Dear readers,

The first issue of 2011 drives us crazy! We have received a great deal of articles and decided to issue many of them. Exactly 32! This seems more a book than a magazine …

What happened is that a well known company sent the call for papers to the internal testing group, which we really appreciate a lot. This caused that many of their testers handed in a paper. If we wanted we could issue more than one magazine with only these papers. Please understand that we can not do this, even if most of the papers are very interesting.

This is a sign, though, of the good quality of the testers and also about the communication and collaboration within the company culture. I like it. The huge amount of work is done mostly by our lector and graphic designers. This year started quite strong for us, especially for me, being the Senior Editor of our Testing Experience magazine, but as well in the other parts of the company such as consultancy, training and our events.

New is that we are one of the frst training providers for CAT – Certifed Agile Tester. We just informed a few customers to run pilot trainings – 50% of the training is practical – we got 6 trainings within a week to get done: Germany, Belgium, USA! It seems that CAT is going to run well. If your company is interested in being one of the frst training providers, please contact iSQI. The world is big enough for all!

Also, if you are interested in being trained, then send us an email!

The Belgium Testing Days were amazing. I don’t know if you followed it via twitter (#btd11). It was a very good conference and we are very happy that we organized it together with AQIS – our local partner in Belgium. We are looking forward to run it next year. Don’t miss it!

Gojko Adzic asked us to run a new conference. It is called AgileReq and it is the con- ference for Product and Requirements Management in Agile. It is going to be in Lon- don on September 9-11, 2011. One of the innovations regarding this conference is the time period: the tutorials run on Friday and the conference on the weekend. We think that this makes the conference attractive to the attendees and the companies of the attendees! Gojko is the Program Chair. We are already counting on support by Ellen Gottesdiener, Christian Hassa, Gojko Adzic, Dan North and Chris Matts. Follow it via Twitter (#agilereq) The call for papers has already started!

Alex Collino did a great job as Program Chair of the Agile Testing Days 2011. We have a very interesting, international and interactive program. We are lining up many new keynote speakers. It looks like the Agile Testing Days is becoming a female driven conference. We have again 6 female keynote and tutorial speakers 😉 Anyway the line up of speakers is amazing: Johanna Rothman, Esther Derby, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, Linda Rising, Lit Keogh, Michael Bolton, Gojko Adzic, Jurgen Appelo and Lasse Koskela. Don’t miss it and follow it via Twitter (#agiletd).

The Testing & Finance 2011 will take place in Bad Homburg on 9 and 10 of May, 2011 near Frankfurt. This is the conference for the testing professionals in the fnance industry. Don’t miss it!

We are also sponsoring the Ignite conference in Düsseldorf. This is one of the biggest testing conferences in Europe!

Last but not least thanks again to all speakers, sponsors and readers helping us to improve and to issue a great magazine.

I would really appreciate if you could forward the link of the magazine to your interested contacts and friends.

Enjoy reading!


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