Editorial No.14

Dear readers,

the summer is a step away from us, and the time comes for relaxing a little bit and also for planning ahead how the fall is going to be.

We received a lot of papers and decided to again take a combination of new and old authors, giving also new authors the chance to write about their thoughts, experiences and opinions.

I’m happy with the result and hope you like it. We just closed the Testing & Finance in Germany. It was quite successful, and we did have very nice keynotes and talks.

We announced that the next Testing & Finance will take place in London, and that May would be a nice time. We will announce the call for proposals quite soon.

The call for proposals for the Belgium Testing Days is closed, and we received around 100! A lot of work for Mieke Gevers & Co.

The proposals look very promising. We will have a very good conference. Don’t miss it. Please save the dates.

We have started an Agile Tester Award. We would like the community to choose the “Most Infuential Agile Testing Professional Person” in 2011. Please go to the website and see the terms and propose your favorite professional.

I spent some days over Easter with my kids in Heiligendamm. A very nice place. We had “Osterfeuer” at the beach. It was very, very nice.

I wanted to ride horses, bicycle and walk around with the kids at the Baltic see. I did my planning without the customers (the kids). They just wanted to be in the pool the whole day, so we did nothing else apart from swimming and eating lunch at the pool. It was wonderful, but after a few days of six hours a day in the pool, my old skin started to sufer… ;–)

If you have not been there, try it out. It is nice.

I wish you enjoyable reading and will be happy to hear your comments.


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