Editorial No.15

Dear readers,

It was a great summer. I really did enjoy it. I was in France visiting my kids, and I was also with them in Gran Canaria, Spain, spending a great holiday at the beach. Only 3 weeks …

My daughter lost her fear of the waves and started to snorkel. She swam after the fsh and spent a great time in Las Canteras Beach. A great place for kids and families.

If you’ve never spent a holiday in Las Palmas, try it once. You will love it!

After the holidays my six year old daughter started school. She had wanted to start for months; she felt she was too “old” for the Kindergarten! After the frst day at the school she said to me in a quite complaining and disappointed way: “I’ve not learn anything today. We just paint things. I did not have maths.” I hope that she keeps the will to learn for the next 100 years! 😉

Back in the office, I have to face – like most of you – a big mountain of work in front of me. I have the feeling that we work more towards the end of the year than at the beginning. I don’t know if there is a psychological aspect to this, maybe we just want to end the year… and that’s why we work and work and work.

The Agile Testing Days are now coming up. It looks like we will break all the records of previous years. It is amazing to see how many people register and like the conference programme.

Our team is doing a great job! Have you seen the videos? Don’t miss it. The planking one is amazing! In it you will see some company colleagues.

We’ve decided to move the Testing & Finance from the “fnance city” Frankfurt to the “finance city” London! It was the right decision. It was also the right decision to do it with Paul Gerrard and Susan Windsor. It looks like we will rock the City! The call for papers is still open. If you have a good topic, please go ahead and send us the proposal. The program of the Belgium Testing Days is out.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the authors for their articles and columns and all the sponsors for supporting once again the success of testing experience.

I wish you a nice reading and hope that you can fnd something that helps you carry away that big mountain in front of you.



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