Editorial No.16

Dear all,

Pragmatic, Soft Skills Focused, Industry Supported it was a crazy month! In November there was plenty of conference work and work for Testing Experience. The result of the latter is now in your hands. I hope you like the articles. We are currently preparing a new website for Testing Experience that we hope will fulfll all your wishes 😉

In a few weeks we will start into the fourth year of Testing Experience. It was great to see how the child grew up. There have been some good and some very good issues of the magazine, and we did always have the support of the community worldwide. In the meantime Testing Experience is read in the whole world; there is no country with testers that does not appear in the list! This year, the website had more than 7 million hits! The most frequent download is the September 2009 issue with over 450,000 downloads. Impressive numbers. Please contribute to this success by sending us good articles and spreading the word. Testing Experience is the de facto magazine for testing professionals worldwide.

We recently ran the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam near Berlin. It was great. It was really amazing. I would like to again congratulate Gojko Adzic for winning the award “Most Infuential Agile Testing Professional Person”. The award was handed over by the Lord Mayor of Potsdam. We celebrated the social event and the award ceremony at the Prinz Eisenherz Restaurant at the Babelsberg Studios. Lisa Crispin on a horse did the speech of honor for Gojko. It was great. We had fre games, magic close-ups, an acrobatic show and medieval music. If you were not there, you missed a good conference and a great social event. Never mind, there’s always next year …

We are planning the Belgium Testing Days in Brussels and the Testing & Finance conference in London. Don’t miss them if you want to experience a new type of conference. We love knowledge, networking and social interaction. We bring the best to you. Enjoy it!

I wish you, your family, friends and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – peace, health, love and time for you and your family!

Yours sincerely,

José Díaz

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