Editorial No.17

Dear readers,

If you live in Europe I hope you enjoyed the cold front. It was nice to have few days for ice skating. However, to tell the truth I’m also happy that the weather changed again and we can look forward to spring.

I love how the seasons change. Each season has more or less its own model, even though it is getting more diffcult to predict due to the climate change.

Testing can also be based on a model. In this issue, we have some great articles that explain where Model-Based Testing is coming from, where it is today, and where it can be expected to go. There are some tools helping you to test based on models. We have had very few issues of our magazine where so many people were interested in sending us articles. It is amazing to see that the community for MBT is so large. I want to thank all of the authors, supporters and customers for helping us to issue this magazine. I think that you will all love it.

A few days after the magazine will have been published, we will have the Belgium Testing Days. Don’t miss it.

It looks like we really took the right decision to move the Testing & Finance from Frankfurt to London. It will be a great conference. If you are involved in the finance industry, don’t miss the European Conference “Testing & Finance”.

In the next issue of our magazine we will present you the new editorial board. We will have some colleagues worldwide helping me to choose the articles. We will also have a paper submit system to organize it. Our back ofce is working hard to set it all up. We already did this for Agile Record, our other magazine.

The news that did surprise me quite positively was that the BCS (British Computer Society) will run the certifcation CAT – Certifed Agile Tester. I think that this is the right decision if you consider how good and successful the training is. As far as I know, this is the only certifcation that has put right what certifcation haters have all the time been criticizing about other certifcations. In CAT, testers will get a personal assessment, a practical exam and a written exam (no multiple choice!). 50% of the training will be exercises. Please read the BCS press release on page 13.

I wish you a pleasant time, that you enjoy the weather models of the next weeks, and also that you learn a lot reading the hands-on articles in this issue.

Best regards


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