Editorial No.18

Dear readers!

Work with our editorial board started with this issue. It is really a pleasure to work with them and to see how close they are marking the articles. It was and still is a good idea to have all of them.

What you have in your hand or on your screen is the work of many authors, media designers, lectors and the editorial board. Thanks to all of them for another great issue.

This issue is about how to set up test centers of excellence. There are many articles telling you how this has been done and in which traps some of the guys stepped into along the way. The next issue will about mobile apps testing. I’m really looking forward to seeing your articles. I have been testing some mobile apps myself for our conference, and also apps for friends of mine like TestGloss (an app for the ISTQB ® Glossary), ePaper- Exam (ISTQB ® exam app), etc. It was fun for me to be “working” again! 😉 Bug hunting is such a nice pastime.

I’m writing this in London, facing the Testing & Finance. Things are looking good. We have a full house with exhibitors, speakers and attendees. The venue is great, even if the breakfast is toooooooo expensive!

We think that Testing & Development, due to more and more agility in the methods and techniques, will come steadily closer. We will have the Agile Testing Days in November 2012 and have just started the run for the call for papers for the Agile Dev Practices conference. The first papers have already come in. The community is quite well connected and is based on a will to learn more with a view to improvement. I like that very much.

Last but not least, I thank all the sponsors for supporting the magazine.

Enjoy reading!

Best regards


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