Editorial No.19

Dear readers,

We all did make the experience that some mobile apps did not work according to our expectations.

It is not only that the app just crashes and you have to start it again. It is more than that. I had some funny situations when I uploaded pictures via an app, and they were doubly displayed, or now seemed to belong to my friends. More interesting is when you do online banking via the app, that’s where the fun stops. Mobile app testing has a lot of diferent facets. We have a lot of very good articles discussing many diferent aspects of it. I want to thank all the authors for the great articles, and of course all the sponsors that make the magazine possible.

I think that “mobile” app development and testing will become more and more important. Microsoft is now bringing “Surface” to the tablet market, and after seeing the promotion videos – looking very promising – I guess that this will provide the impetus for the whole world to move in a new direction. I wish this for Microsoft, but I also wish it for us, the users. We are moving forward, and this is always positive. Take a second to think back 10 years. How was your mobile and what could you do with it? Stop now for a second and try to imagine what could be possible in 10 years. Knowledge and imagination will take the teams to a new level.

Most of the companies that I know develop mobile apps using agile techniques. The Agile Testing Days in November will cover interesting aspects that can be used in your daily work. Don’t miss it.

Based on the great success of the Agile Testing Days, we decided to set up the Agile Dev Practices as the conference that also allows agile developers and those who want to a career in agile developing to meet and discuss it. We have set up a great line-up of keynote speakers, tutorials, workshops, etc. Don’t miss the conference.

Last but not least, I want to thank Katrin Schülke for the great job she did over the past years to develop Testing Experience. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I wish her the best for her new career path. Our door is always open for her.

Enjoy reading and have a pleasant time.

José Díaz

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