Editorial No.2


There is no road, the road is made by walking. The words of my compatriot the poet of the Generation ’98 Antonio Machado is the leitmotiv for the “testing experience”. The frst issue achieved around 30.000 readers worldwide. We want to thank you, the com- munity, for giving “testing experience” the support.

After the frst issue we got reams of congratulations from all around the world. We got also some valuable hints that we want to implement in this and next issues. Thanks to all of you for the support and your time. We can only be as good as we should, if we get your support and hints.

After sending the frst emails our server had a lot of problem to respond all the requests in an adequate time, sometimes the server “went to knees”! Sorry for that. We knew that it will be some gut respond, but really we never thought that “testing experience“ would get that kind of respond. Afterwards I think that the market was missing something. We hope to fll the gap and fulfll your expectations.

I would like to thank again the authors of the frst issue. We got a lot of positive messages regarding their articles and opinions. We got it! Gracias!

The second issue based on “Test Mangement and Requirements” has brought together old and new authors with opinions, trends and facts on these topics. We thank all of them. I’m looking forward for your opinions and valuable hints. Don’t doubt to send it to us. We appreciate it very much.

We want to thank all the sponsors of the “testing experience”. There are a lot of you linking it in to your website, blog or email signature.

Last but not least we want to thank the companies and organizations, which advertise, for believing in the road, we make by walking.

Yours sincerely

José Manuel Díaz Delgado

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