Editorial No.21

Dear readers,

In the last few years, we have seen that, on one hand, the role of the tester has become more focused on specifc areas like test analysis, test automation, test management, etc. On the other hand, we see that testers could be better if they had a wide knowledge, not only from the business point of view but from the IT point of view. Requirements engineering, software engineering, and programming knowledge are not necessary for testing, but it could help you to achieve a better performance.

We have some articles that talk about that and provide a range of different opinions. My own opinion is that you are better if you know more. I have been carrying a new concept of training in my head for many years. At the last Agile Testing Days I discussed it with some Agile gurus and we decided to run it together.

Matt Heusser, Janet Gregor y, Markus Gärtner, and David Evans developed this new concept of training that we want to run for the first time in Amsterdam on September 16. Over these four days, you will have four Agile gurus per forming a new training concept based on acting, playing, talking, and interacting. Don’t miss it. I want to thank all the sponsors, authors, and supporters for the effort they have put into the new issue.

Enjoy reading!

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José Díaz

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