Editorial No.24

Dear readers,

In the ’70s, some books and articles started dealing with the topic of software testing. The frst generation of computer scientists were already feeling the pain of unsuccessful software deployment and looking for solutions.

In 1979, Glenford J. Meyers published “the book” – The Art of Software Testing. He collected some of his own ideas and those of other computer scientists from this decade and put it in this great book. It was the first time that all these techniques had been presented together and “The Software Testing Book” was born! This book was not only about the techniques, but also dealt with the economics of testing. Quite an interesting topic even today and tomorrow! These techniques are still valid and are used and taught all around the world.

Some other techniques for test case design have also been developed by other professionals and companies. There are many! You will fnd a lot of interesting articles on these and I hope you learn something new about the subject.

Even though these techniques have been known and applied by professionals for the last 34 years, there are many computer scientists and testers who do not know about them. I did not learn about them at university, but in a training course a few years later and learned how to apply them in many projects. Today there are many training courses that teach you these techniques, some with and some without certifcation.

You can use saas.casemaker.eu for test case design. It is our tool and can be used for “normal” projects for free.

Enjoy test case design!


José Díaz

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