Editorial No.26

Dear readers,

Mobile app testing is becoming more and more popular. Almost all companies already have an app or are on their way to having one.

The question always is: “How on earth do we test it?” The point of view of some managers is that they don’t really care – it’s only an app.

And they may not understand the value of it for the company. At the beginning, the easiest and cheapest way of doing it is to use emulators and simulators. You can run a lot of tests with them and you may be happy with that. But I have to tell you a secret – your customer uses a smart phone and not an emulator!

I know that it is hard, but it is true. So you need to look for devices. You can buy them, if you have the money and the management skills for a rank of devices and so on, or you can use the cloud to rent devices or people with devices who could test for you.

There are several companies ofering this service. Check them out. The solutions are “similar” but the prices, and especially the “support”, are quite diferent. Testing If you want to understand more about the mobile world, don’t miss our conference Mobile App Europe (www.mobileappeurope.com). It looks like we will rock the market.

Enjoy the summer and looking forward to seeing you at the MAE (Mobile App Europe).

All the best,

José Díaz

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