Editorial No.27

Dear readers,

After a great summer we are moving towards late summer, another beautiful time of the year. Most of the people here are back from their holidays and we have already entered the busy and “hot” phase of the year before the winter comes.

Life and work is determined by continuous change or improvement. I prefer the good and positive changes in life, which is why I am really happy to present you with the new issue of Testing Experience, including lots of new improvements and changes. The magazine has been in existence for six years and we do not stand still – we always try to satisfy our readers and we found out that your requirements have changed. We have reacted and included a wider range of content. From this issue, we won’t be hav ing a main topic per issue any more. Instead, we have decided to give you a more diverse range of articles on topics such as mobile, security, performance, and Agile. Another new thing is that we will be regularly publishing columns written by renowned authors. In the current issue we have star ted with Alex Podelko writing about “Performance” and Manu Cohen with a column about “Security”. More columns on diferent topics are planned for the upcoming issues. Our latest renewal is the Book Corner with reviews and hints on new book releases and publications relevant to software testing. Speaking of changes – if your company has started to work with mobile app projects then I really can recommend the Mobile App Europe conference (www.mobileappeurope.com) and the new CMAP ® training dedicated to mobile app professionals.

If your company is in transition to Agile, then Europe’s greatest event for the Agile testing community is the place to be! The six th, and by far the best, edition of the Agile Testing Days (www.agiletestingdays.com) will take place in November. This year’s highlight is the frst European Car Build Party. Together with the conference attendees we will build a real car using the Scrum methodology.

What can I say? The prospect of autumn 2014 is absolutely awesome for any testing professional who is ready for a change! To quote Andy Warhol: “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Enjoy reading!

All the best,

José Díaz

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