Editorial No.3

I hope you have enjoyed the summer time and spent some days at the beach or the mountains. I couldn’t. I really would love to spend some days at the beaches of Gran Canaria, just laying down and having a nice cold beer and fsh or a paella at the “Las Canteras”-beach promenade for dinner … But that’s life! I had to work.

In this issue we focus on test techniques. Test techniques are the key to success. It doesn’t matter if you use them systematically or just based on your experience performing exploratory testing. We are lost without these techniques and experiences. Some of us use regularly equivalence partitioning, boundary check, error guessing, decision tables and paiwise for our test and perform them systematically. Some of us don’t. If you have a look on the market there are a lot of books and seminars which explain these techniques. My impression based on my old days as tester and actually as manager of a “testing company” is that most people involved in this feld don’t use to apply them for the daily work. Why?

My personal opinion is that the market is leaded by tools companies that don’t use them directly. If you have a look they support test management, test processes, test automation but not really test techniques. Test techniques as the key for the success may have been forgotten for a long time.

In this new issue there are some articles that give you tips for the leisure time, for test case design, test management and share experiences or new ideas. Please enjoy them. We have started a serial of interviews to presenting interesting people worldwide and their work, thoughts and strategies that infuence our feld. With the second issue we have achieved over 80,000 readers! I want to thank all of you for the support and for spreading the magazine in your community. We are working hard on a new website with community character that should appear in a few weeks. We will start with a beta version and hope that all of you fnd a lot of bugs!

I wish you a pleasant time with testing experience.

Yours sincerely

José Manuel Díaz Delgado

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