Editorial No.7

Dear readers,

Alessandro Collino is the one who inspired me to devoting an issue to Agile Testing.

I have been following the Agile scene for a long time, especially in USA, but was not really connected to it directly, although some employees of mine got the Scrum Master Certifcation some years ago and work in Agile projects.

The magazine and the great articles in it has given me the opportunity to establish the missing strong link to the Agile community and read about detailed experiences and opinions.

I don’t know if all pigs are equal or not, but have a look at Stuart Reid’s article. I like it very much.

I also like the statement of Lior Friedman: “The only way to go fast is working in high quality”.

I think – and I am probably not alone on that – that knowledge is the key to success. If you or your team don’t have the knowledge, then it is diffcult to get the high quality.

On one hand you must have the process knowledge on Agile, but on the other hand you have to know how to deal with testing. It doesn’t matter whether you are using exploratory techniques, systematic techniques or if you automate your tests or not. Your team needs the testing skills, if you want to move forward fast.

Based on this topic we decided to make a call for papers for the Agile Testing Days in Berlin. The response was great. I think that one of the key points was/is that very good professionals like Lisa Crispin, Elisabeth Hendrickson, Tom Gilb, Stuart Reid, Isabel Evans, Mary and Tom Poppendieck and, last but not least, Alessandro Collino were involved from the beginning. Their tutorials and the Conference will take place from October 12th to 14th. For your registration go to: www.agiletestingdays.com

According to our vision of the testing community, we think that the support of conferences, events etc. from other vendors is good for the testing world, especially if they give the readers a good discount. Check our website. You will always fnd some special rates for “testing experience” readers. Please send me your comments on the visited events.

Finally, let me just tell you that I was in Gran Canaria with my son spending some days at the Las Canteras beach snorkeling. It was amazing to feed fsh while snorkeling with thousands of them dancing around you! The salty water of the Atlantic ocean is something that should not be missed. It is really a family beach. I will be back there in October before the conference and will enjoy it again. Come and see me for a beer or a coffee.

Enjoy the magazine and hope you had a good summer.

Yours sincerely

José Manuel Díaz Delgado

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