Editorial No.8

Dear readers,

Standards are there to be used, but as Erik van Veenendaal said, with common sense. The drug industry, for example, is forced (damned) to follow them, other parts of industry are less forced and don’t do it.

As you can follow in this issue, there are many standards and also as many opinions about them. Go in and get your own opinion.

Graham Bath told me about the idea of having a “readers’ opinions corner” in the magazine. I think that this is great idea and that’s why we decided to have it. We want to encourage you to send us your opinion about the articles.

Let us know, if you agree with them or if you are very disappointed. A far as you don’t insult anyone, we will publish all your comments.

As you know, we recently organized the Agile Testing Days in Berlin. It was great. We had very good talks, good mood, an excellent party and, last but not least, a great audience. They twitted all the time, and you could follow it under the hash tag #agiletd. A great experience. We plan the next event for October 4-7, 2010 and hope to see you there. Check the call for papers please.

The next Testing & Finance will take place in June in Frankfurt again. Save the date!

Based on the success of the conferences, we plan testing conferences around the world. Check please our website to see which of our testing conferences is near to you.

The testing experience magazine now has two sisters: Security Acts, the magazine for IT-Security, and Agile Record, the magazine for Agile Development and Testing. Don’t hesitate please to contact me, if you are interested in writing an article.

We would like to also have great success with these magazines and ask you for your support.

We decided to stay in Berlin over the Xmas-holidays. Although it would be quite warm in Gran Canaria and the sea water is fantastic, and although I will miss my family, we thought that a little bit of snow as a contrast to sunny 28°C at the beach is good for the kids. White Xmas is fne. They just know Xmas at the beach with 28°C! Life is hard.

I wish you the best for the time and hope you will jump happily, healthy and loved into the New Year 2010.

Felices Fiestas!

José Manuel Díaz Delgado

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