Lourdes Calvo

Lourdes Calvo | testing experience

Lourdes Calvo is a project manager at Telefónica I+D in the “Service’s Monitoring Platform” Division. She is responsible for projects on testing of mobile services (Telefónica MoviStar). She is currently in charge of managing a team working on the development of testing tools for protocols of mobile communications based on TTCN-3 (testing environment defned by ETSI). She has been also involved in the design, development and application of other testing systems in the area of mobile communication, specially related to Intelligent Network (IN). She graduated in Telecommunication Engineering at Superior Polytechnic Institute of Zaragoza, (Spain) and made a M. Sc. thesis on optical communication in Denmark Technical University. In 2000 she joined “Testing Environment for Mobile Networks” Division in Telefónica I+D performing tasks related to specifcation and development of testing to Intelligent Network services. Currently, Lourdes is also involved in European projects related to testing such as Panlab and PII.

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