It may not always be possible to send employees to attend training courses that last several days. Project work, frequently under time pressure, may require their presence. In this case, online training courses may be a viable alternative to the personal participation in a training course.

The advantages of online training courses are:

  • each participant proceeds at his/her own speed
  • each part of the course can be repeated as often as desired
  • the participant can work at the place of work or at home
  • the exam can be taken as soon as the participant feels confident
  • no expenditure for travel and hotel required
  • up to 60 % of training costs can be saved

All courses provide voiced-over slides as well as questions at the end of each unit for self-monitoring. In addition, presentations and articles of well-known authors and templates for the daily testing work are made available to participants free of charge.

Available courses in English: