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D&H Bulletin #1

Good Afternoon! Welcome to our first issue of the D&H Bulletin. We at D&H are thirsty for knowledge and like to share our know how with other people. Many of our customers already know and value this. That is why we want to share new insights, fresh knowledge and news about innovations with you on …mehr lesen

extrem hovercrafting

how to build a hovercraft within 2 hours Hovercrafts, also known as “air-cushion vehicles” or ACV’s, are definitely one of the smoothest vehicles on earth – there is no doubt! It simply feels like flying … Here’s is a quick tutorial how to build a hovercraft in just 2 hours. The most important aspect thereby …mehr lesen

A Unifed Framework for All Automation Needs – Part III

by Vladimir Belorusets    

Testing Enterprise Applications: Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™

by Philipp Benkler    

Reasoning the Next Version of Test Automation Myths

by Sujith Shajee    

Organize Your Testing Using Test Varieties and Coverage Types

by Rik Marselis & Bert Linker    

Book Corner: Personal Kanban

by Maik Nogens    

Multi-Platform Mobile Test Automation for the Financial Sector

by Dr. Jens Calamé, Parag Kulkarni & Sven Euteneuer    

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Tool

by Mithun Sridharan    

Always Know What’s Going On – Successful Quality Management with Visual Studio IntelliTrace

by Torsten Zimmermann & Frank Maar    

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