Attendee registrations and/or cancellations must be in written form. The registration confirmation does not entail legal claims concerning the realization of the seminar. The sum indicated in the course description is the fee to be paid per attendee (excluding VAT). This fee includes the teaching material and documents provided during the course as well as the usage of the software, limited to the duration of the course. Attendees of our open training courses are also catered for with lunch, soft drinks and coffee throughout the entire course. All course fees exclude value added taxes (VAT).

Potential exam fees are to be beard by the attendee.


No fees apply for cancellations up to two weeks prior to the beginning of the course. Afterwards, 50% of the participant fee falls due. The full price must be paid for cancellations within two days prior to the beginning of the course. For altering a booking to a later date a fee of 20% falls due, if you rebook within two weeks prior to the beginning of the course. A surrogate attendee can be announced at any time without any additional fees.


All fees must be paid by the beginning of the course.


Course Administration reserves the right to cancel courses due to organizing causes. In such case paid course fees will be reimbursed. Course Administration reserves the right to waive course participant with insufficient qualifications. In such case course fee for non-attended courses will be reimbursed less administrative charges. Rearrangements in schedule, course location, trainer or small modifications in course content are to be considered subject to change.


The Díaz & Hilterscheid GmbH declines liability of any kind for the company itself as well as its employees, intent or gross negligence excepted. Damages resulting from computer viruses are excluded in particular – the Díaz & Hilterscheid GmbH assumes no liability for this sort of damage.

Copyright and related rights

All rights for the material, documents and software provided for and used during the course entirely remain with the Díaz & Hilterscheid GmbH. The course attendee is solely entitled to utilize the provided software in the context of and for the duration of the course. The course attendee commits itself not to copy software and not to take it outside the course premises.

Governing law and place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for all controversies emerging from the registration to or the participation in courses of the Díaz & Hilterscheid GmbH is Berlin in pursuance of the German law.