testing experience magazine No.10




by José Díaz

Moving Globalization Test Quality upstream using Pseudo Translation Approach
by Anuj Magazine

Mobile Testing – A Toolkit for Advanced Testing – The Techie, The Simple and The Obvious
by Dario Uriel Estrin and Bernard Shai Lelchuk

The Test Data Challenge for Database-Driven Applications
by Klaus Haller

Load Testing Web Applications – Do it on the DOM Level!
by Ronny Vogel

Where are the non-functional requirements?
by Erik van Veenendaal

Using Hudson to run junit regression tests on multiple machines
by Manik Thakur and Jan Kester

Load and Performance Testing for Software Applications
by Hansjörg Senn

Test Effort Estimation
by Jeetendra Kumar Swain

An approach for reuse and customization of performance test scripts for web applications
by José Carréra and Uirá Kulesza

Daddy’s performance test
by Thomas Hijl

Playtesting: part of game design and development
by Andrea de Vries and Ewald Roodenrijs

Agile Performance Testing
by Sowmya Karunakaran

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