testing experience magazine No.11


by José Díaz

The Value of Testing in 5 Dimensions
by Peter Zimmerer

Modeling Metrics for UML Diagrams
by Richard Seidl & Harry Sneed

Metrics For Test Automation Efort Estimations
by Michael T. Pilawa

What’s Fundamentally Wrong?
by Tom Gilb & Lindsey Brodie

Implementing a metrics program to guide quality improvements
by Harish Narayan & Rex Black

Transforming Quality Metrics into Strategic Business Value
by David Gehringer

Counting defects
by Bert Wijgers

Testing: ‘What do we really know?’
by Erik van Veenendaal

What should we measure during testing?
by Yogesh Singh & Ruchika Malhotra

Advocating Code Review for Testers
by Chetan Giridhar

by Thomas Hijl

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