testing experience magazine No.12


by José Díaz

More for less: the growth of open source testing tools
by Mark Aberdour

How open-source tools can make a low budget team perform like the major league?
by Bernard Shai Lelchuk & Dario Uriel Estrin

Does any one know a good open source tool for Test Management and Bug Tracking?
by Vinodh Velusamy

Automated tests in Continuous Integration environments
by Zbyszek Moćkun

Scaling up Problems and Solutions for Open-Source Tools
by Mithun Kumar

Tellurium Automated Testing Framework
by Haroon Rasheed

Build your own Open-Source Test Framework
by Robert Bullinger

Pros and cons
by Bert Wijgers & Roland van Leusden

Does Every Cloud Have a Silver Lining?
by Ian Moyse

RTH: A Requirements and Test Management Tool
by Bruce Butler, PEng.

Forgotten tools
by Erik van Veenendaal

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