testing experience magazine No.14


by José Díaz

Illusions and misunderstandings about software testing
by Hans Schaefer

How do you become an Agile tester?
by Sandra Güttig, Martin Großmann by Matthijs Naujoks, Eveline Moolenaars-Koetsier& Heiner Grottendieck

Plan, do, test and act
by Bert Wijgers

Effcient testing with Lean and TPI NEXT®
by Matthijs Naujoks, Eveline Moolenaars-Koetsier

ISTQB Expert Level “Improving the Testing Process”
by Erik van Veenendaal

Test Configuration Formats
by Rahul Verma

Accepting and embracing change in automated acceptance tests with Jubula
by Alexandra Imrie

Business Scenario Technique
by Debbie Powell

Improving the Test Process
by Dhiraj Kale

The Need for an Abstraction Layer Between Requirements and Tests
by Jefrey H. Lucas

Educating new hire as a part of improving testing process
by Lilia Gorbachik

Is a Tester Responsible for Quality?
by Mikhail Pavlov

Improving the quality assurance process through beta testing
by Artur Gula

Predicting Defects in System Testing Phase Using a Model: A Six Sigma Approach
by Muhammad Dhiauddin Mohamed Sufan

Key Questions to ask when improving testing
by Erwin Engelsma

Automating Innovation
by Christopher Eyhorn

End2End Testing: It‘s Just the Beginning
by William Gens

Introducing a Model-based Automated Test Script Generator
by Martin Steinegger & Hannu-Daniel

Goiss Domain based testing is here!
by Shishank Gupta & Rajneesh Malviya

Experiences using TMMi® as a Process Reference Model for Test Assessments
by Matthias Rasking & Simon Lamers

A DARN good process to evaluate and purchase test management systems
by Harish Narayan & Igor Ushakov

Communication up, barriers down – The key to success
by Juan Carlos Ocampo Calderón



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