testing experience magazine No.16





by José Díaz

Lean Test Management – The future of testing?
by Iris Pinkster-O’Riordain & Bob van de Burgt

Collaboration Equals Quality
by Debra Forsyth & Dave Lloyd

The Future of Testing is Bleak
by Peter Russell

All About Quality
by Leo Smits

Load Test Your Web Application – Before Your Customers Do
by Mark Eshelby

ISTQB Expert Level: Test Management for Complex Systems
by Dr. Armin Metzger, Jörn Münzel, Dr. Frank Simon & Dr. Stephan Weißleder

Focus on testing: Radical market changes put pressure on quality assurance teams
by Murat Aksu & Stefan Gerstner

Agile testing is one of the best practices – with a proper test plan and strategy
by Hemangi Laxman Gawand

IT audit and software testing: Future Partners in quality
by Cordny Nederkoorn

iTesting – “less bored, more inspire. Less donkey work, more games. Hate less, fall in love”
by Monika Pluciennik

The future of software testing: What about test management?
by Gert-Jan van den Ham

The cutting edge
by Bert Wijgers

Futurist View of Testing
by Wayne Ellis

Agile Development Lifecycle Will Change The Way Of Traditional Testing Methodology
by Melvin Chua

Testing Mobile Devices – A Journey to the Future
by Attila Fekete

Multidimensional & Federated QA: The Future of Financial Services Testing
by KiranKumar Marri & Sundaresasubramanian G

The Future of a Tester: Broaden or Specialize
by Erik van Veenendaal

The Future of Testing: Testfactory – A success model for Quality Assurance
by Norbert Fahrni & Dr. Ferdinand Gramsamer

Design for Testability – The Holistic Future of Testing?
by Markus Rentschler

The Future of Testing
by Ian Gilchrist, IPL

Test Case Reduction using Karnaugh Maps
by Faisal Qureshi

The far-far software testing future
by Mariya Vankovych

Web Service Behavior Virtualization Testing – A Case Study
by Krishnachander Kaliyaperumal

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