testing experience magazine No.17




by José Díaz

A Practitioner’s Guide to Integrating Model-Based Testing in a Project’s Tool Landscape
by Bernhard Peischl, Rudolf Ramler, Vitalina Turlo, Stefan Mohacsi, Valery Safronau & Tobias Walter

Lean approach through model-based testing
by Anand Kashyap & Stephen O’Reilly

First model, then test!
by Ben Visser & Bart Vrenegoor

Watch out for Frenemies
by Ian Moyse

MATE: Methodology for Automated model-driven TEsting
by Beatriz Pérez Lamancha & Macario Polo

How to deploy Model-Based Testing in a telecommunication project
by Gábor Federics & Szilárd Széll

Project Management And Its Importance
by Santosh Varma

Mistake metamorphism
by Trinadh Kumar Bonam

Traditional vs Agile methodologies
by Leanne Howard

Does Model-based Testing contribute to Business IT alignment?
by Colin Lek

Hypothesis Based Testing – A personal, scientifc methodology to defect detection
by T. Ashok

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