testing experience magazine No.19




From the editor
by José Díaz

Mobile App Performance – How to Ensure High-Quality Experiences
by Klaus Enzenhofer

Roadblocks and their workaround while testing Mobile Applications
by Jeesmon Jacob & Mary Tharakan

Main issues in mobile app testing
by Kerstin Knab

Beyond the Smartphone – Testing for the Developing World
by Stephen Janaway

Best Practices in Mobile App Testing
by Daniel Knott

Mobile Test Strategy
by Kiran Rayachoti

Driven Development for the Android platform
by Pawel Oczadly

There’s a test for that!
by Jasper Sens

Testing on a Real Handset vs. Testing on a Simulator – the big battle
by Rubén Fernández Álvarez

What Makes a Good Tester?
by Adam Osburn

4E Framework for Mobile Network Variability Testing
by Kiran Marri & Sundaresa Subramanian

Enterprise Mobile Testing for Success
by Damian Buonamico

Mobile App Testing
by Assaf Ben David

Context-Dependent Testing of Apps
by Matthias Schulte and Tim A. Majchrzak

Column: Testing Maturity – Where Are We Today?
by Erik van Veenendaal & Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Mobile Business Application Testing Automation: A Novel Approach
by Sathyanarayanareddy Gaddam and Nimmagadda Nivedita

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