testing experience magazine No.2


by José Díaz

The Value of Software Testing to Business: The Dead Moose on the Table
by Gerald D. Everett

Rule-Based Design Reviews: Objective Design Reviews and Using Evolutionary Quantifed Continuous Feedback to Judge Designs
by Tom Gilb

Turning Software Testing into the Backbone of your Quality Assurance System
by Thierry Duchamp

Requirements-Based Testing – Ambiguity Reviews
by Gary E. Mogyorodi

Surveying Test Strategies: A Guide to Smart Selection and Blending
by Rex Black

Finally Usability Testing?
by Erik van Veenendaal

Requirements and test management: More safety in vehicles through traceable testing
by Norbert Ruck, Ralf Lulei, Thorsten Geiselhart and Gerd Rockweiler

Implementing a new test management platform is not child’s play, but it shouldn’t be rocket science either …
by Joel Montvelisky

Traceable Knowledge by enhancing Requirements Management
by Heiko Köppen

Treasuries from the dump – The software tester as an IT-archaeologist
by Dr. Konrad Schlude

The Future of Software Security
by Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus

The T2 test framework at InterComponentWare: All tools in one box
by Torsten Zimmermann

Testing – the easy way
by Chris Rupp

Test management in different Software development life cycle models
by Dieter Arnouts

Testing Web Services with TTCN-3
by Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles

Test management with ITIL v3®
by Björn Lemke

Mind the gap between Test Strategy and Execution
by Erik Runhaar

Yaron’s Forecourt Testing Organizations: The Stability Challenge
by Yaron Tsubery


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