testing experience magazine No.20


From the editor
by José Díaz

Performance Testing in the Cloud: Look Beyond the Word
by Alexander Podelko

Personal Testing Process (PTP) – Individual Level Development
by Kari Kakkonen & Heikki Uusitalo

The Next Level of Application Performance Management (APM) in the Cloud
by Michael Kopp

Simplifying Testing Cloud and Cloud Testing
by Sujith Shajee

Software Testing: Adapt and Grow with the Cloud
by Massimo Forno

Victor takes on mCloud
by Mithun Kumar

Testing in the Cloud: Bane or Boon?
by Rajesh Mathur

Moving Testing to the Cloud – An Exploration
by Khamer Chittanai

Testing in the Cloud
by  Narayana Maruvada

Column: PRISMA: Product Risk Assessment for Agile projects
by Erik van Veenendaal

Testing Applications in the Cloud – a Tactical Approach
by Varsha Jadhav

Indentifying and Fixing Requirement Defects in Later Stages Increases Costs
by Mahwish Khan & Rabia Akhtar

What is testing in production and why should it be performed?
by Marc van ’t Veer

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