testing experience magazine No.21


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Black or White? A Study of Test Cost-Effectiveness and Coverage Distribution on an Open-Source Software
by S. M. Didar-Al-Alam & Vahid Garousi

Psychology in Testing – Thinking in the Vein of a Tester
by Vinod Madhavan

Test-Driven Analysis and Design
by Michaël Pilaeten

The ultimate tool to keep up with all future demands
by Maik Nogens

How to evaluate potential testers using games
by Nadia Soledad Cavalleri

Your way of testing the world of tomorrow – Skills needed by future testers following today’s trends
by Derk Masselink

Column: Requirements Engineering, also for Testers
by Erik van Veenendaal

Experiences in Automating Requirements-Based Testing
by Dr. Mike Bartley

Wanted: Right-Brain Software Tester
by Frank Titulaer

Need for Performance Requirements to Ensure Reliable Business Applications
by Ramesh Viswanathan

Testers – a continuously evolving species
by Gabriela Ciucanu

A Multi-Tier GUI Automation Test Framework Beyond BDD
by Ru Bingsheng

Real-Time Testing on a Prototype
by Sharath R Bhat

Finding Your Organization’s Blind Spots
by Andreas Grabner

Reasons for Usability Issues in Web Sites and their Solutions
by Mahwish Khan & Rabia Akhtar

In search of a tester’s true north, the path to excellence in software testing
by Nishant Pandey

The skills for future testers are imagination and innovation
by Olivier Renault

The Future Tester is a Smart Tester
by Rajesh Mathur

Strategic and Managed Approach to Building Realistic Quality Test Data for Application Testing
by Ravi Kumar BN

Simple Data-Driven Test Framework
by V. Mark Lehky

Software Transformation – Envisioning Skill Sets for Future Testers
by Rajesh Balakrishnan

A Tester’s Skills to Deal with the Challenges Set by Future Technologies
by Jeisson Alfonso Cordoba Zambrano

So you want to be a Tester? Here are some of the skills it will take to succeed
by Svetlana Pravdina

The evolution from test engineer into requirements analyst
by Alla Kopylova

Not Greek and Latin – Localization testing is now at your disposal
by Nisha A. Sangamithra

The Importance of Compatibility Testing in the Competitive World
by Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

Creativity Testing in Agile
by Shlomo Mark, David Ben-Yishai & Guy Shilon

Continuous Delivery with Emerging Testing Practices – Skillset required for future testers
by Krishnachander Kaliyaperumal

Testing skills – the winner takes it all!
by Rozalia Noga

Stretch now like never before – The must-have skills for next- generation testers
by Thiruvenkateswaran Ramachandran

Intelligent Testing Skills Needed for the Next Generation of Testing in the Communications Industry
by Kalilur Rahman

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