testing experience magazine No.22



From the editor
by José Díaz

Editorial Board
Data Management in Large Verifcation Projects
by Eduardo Lluna & Maximiliano Mannise

The test data management framework
by Sven Borghers & Wim Demey

Test data management as a service for enhancing QA value
by Aniruddha Pandit

Metadata-Driven Data Masking to Support Quality Test Data
by Harshpal Gandhi & Sanish Jain

Keyword-Driven Test Framework
by V. Mark Lehky

Applying Lean Principles to Test Data
by Gil Zilberfeld

The Challenges of Managing Test Data in a Growing Organization
by Janine De Jongh & Dagmar Mathes

Test Data Management – Left Shift for Business Agility
by Hemalatha Murugesan

Big data testing challenges
by Roger Fox

Real Application Testing
by Torsten Zimmermann

Test Data Management – is it really just about data?
by Bernd Haber

Hey, QA Manager – Do you have a vision, roadmap, strategy?
by Mary Thorn & Bob Galen

COLUMN: Become a TMMi Professional
by Erik van Veenendaal

Embrace automation – and maximise ROI across the lab infrastructure
by Ralph Joseph

Common Process for Building Realistic Test Data for Enterprise Application Testing – an Overview
by Khamer Chittanai

Software Product Quality Beyond Defects
by Rodrigo Guzmán, Pilar Barrio la Iglesia & Raúl Martínez

Test Data Management for Performance Testing
by Nilotpal Sarma

Test Data Management – Data Privacy
by Gautam Virinchi

Graphs theory and testing software
by Mike Trejo

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