testing experience magazine No.23





From the editor
by José Díaz

Editorial Board

.NET Test Automation with Robot Framework
by Clayton Neal

A Fool with a Tool Is Still a Fool – Why Test Tool Implementations Fail
by Kaspar van Dam

Single-Source for Test Data Management of Tests with Many Variants
by Oliver Schütze & Oliver Rehmann

Choosing the Right Test Automation Tool
by Viktor Grebenyuk

Key Principles in Selecting the Right Automation Tools for Mobile Application Testing
by Ravi Kumar Bhadravathi Narasimha

Load Testing: Which Tool to Choose?
by Alex Podelko

COLUMN: Back to Basics: Tool Selection and Implementation
by Erik van Veenendaal

Delivering Answers That Matter with Test Automation
by Andrew Robins

Integrated Tool Architectures and Testware as a Service: What’s Next in Test Tool Evolution
by Lalatendu Rath

Flash Test Automation
by Mark Lehky

Advanced Image Recognition Promises to Simplify Testing
by George Lawton

Evolution of Test Automation Frameworks – From Spaghetti to Cucumber
by Łukasz Morawski

Test Data Management: A Creative Solution
by Mario Matthee

Astrological Test Data Management
by Rajeswari Jayaraman

Challenges Posed by “Special Data” while Testing
by Manjula Anandamurthy

Test Data Management – Conducting Reliable Performance Testing Equipped with Realistic Test Data
by Seethalakshmi Ramanathan

Improve Test Execution and Meet Information Security Requirements through Test Data Management
by Venkata Vakkalagedda

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