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How Do You Slice Your Pizza? On the Unifcation of the Terminology and the Procedure for Equivalence Partitioning
by Piet de Roo

Testing for Our Mobile Planet
by Arun Jutur

Essential Principles for Automated Functional Tests
by Łukasz Jasinski

The Adventures of Captain QA
by Mike Sparks

Current Practices of Software Testing in the European Commercial Vehicle Sector
by Muzammil Shahbaz

Test Case Design for the Most Common Mobile Application Bug – Crashes
by Cagri Temizyurek

Understanding the Essentials for Test Case Design
by Narayana Maruvada

COLUMN: Test Design Techniques to Mitigate Product Risks
by Erik van Veenendaal

Test Case Design – the Myth, the Reality and the Soft Touch that Makes the Difference
by Raluca Lavinia Gagea

Availability Testing
by Edwin van Loon

Testing @ Idealo – an interview with Jesús Fernandes (Head of QA)

Leveraging Test Case Architectural Design to Promote Reuse and Scalability
by Jeremy Ristau & Harish Narayan

Integrating Data Validation Strategies in Standard STP
by Ruth Rose

Designing the Performance Test Cases: An Experience from Testing the Cloud-Based System
by Muhammad Dhiauddin Mohamed Sufan & Fairul Rizal Fahrurazi

Test Case Design Using Metadata
by Jaydeep Kaur & Devjyoti Namata

Test Design with Model-Based Testing
by Teemu Kanstrén

How Agility Impacts the Way We Design Acceptance Tests
by Laurent PY

Planning Test Cases for Android Apps
by Erik Nijkamp

Better Test Case Design
by Nicolaas Kotze

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