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Impact of the Digital Revolution in the Communications Industry on Testing Mobile and Web Applications over the Cloud
by Kalilur Rahman

Virtual Testing Farm on the Cloud
by Ravikumar Bhadravathi Narasimha

TE TESTING TRENDS: Learn How to Create Better Mobile Apps
Interview with Uwe Gelfert

Advertorial: HP Supports the Software Testing World Cup With Their HP Agile Manager
by Felix Bergauer

Refecting on my Software Testing World Cup Experience
by Graeme Harvey

The Adventures of Captain QA
by Mike Sparks

Automated Acceptance Tests for Mobile Applications: Thoughts on Test Strategy
by Alexandra Schladebeck & Markus Tiede

Minimizing Garbage Collection Latencies on a Load Testing Software
by Michael Aleithe

Topics for a Data Warehouse Test Strategy
by Wayne Yaddow

by Erik van Veenendaal

Mobile App & Web Testing in the Cloud
by Ravindra Pilli

Advertorial: ISTQB® announces Agile Foundation Module

Not All Cloud Testing Tools Are Created Equal
by Mike Sparks

A Unifed Framework for All Automation Needs
by Vladimir Belorusets

Quality Assurance Team’s Role in the Cloud-Testing Arena
by Rajeswari Jayaraman

Key Lessons from Recent Peak Traffic Periods: 2013 Holidays, Sochi Olympics, and 2014 Super Bowl
by Klaus Enzenhofer

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