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How to Stress Test Your Mobile App
by Daniel Knott

Test Design with Different Perceptions
by Patrick Prill

A Unifed Framework For All Automation Needs – Part II
by Vladimir Belorusets

SECURITY COLUMN: Identity Management
by Manu Cohen-Yashar

Internationalization and Localization Testing
by Nicolaas Kotze

Localization Testing – One-Year Status Report for a Localization Project
by Christian Kopsch

Localization Testing is More Than Testing the Translation
by Nadia Soledad Cavalleri

COLUMN: Test Process Improvement and Agile: Friends or Foes?
by Erik van Veenendaal

Field Report: Test Automation and Quality Assurance in the Context of Multi-Platform Mobile Development
by Felix Krüger

Strategic Design of Test Cases
by Jeisson Alfonso Cordoba Zambrano

ADVERTORIAL: Increasing Proftability and Decreasing Defects with TenKod EZ TestApp
by Emil Simeonov

Software Testing in the Era of Quick Response (QR) Code Technology
by Ravi Kumar Bhadravathi Narasimha

Book Corner: Personal Kanban
by Maik Nogens

Test-Driven Developments are Ineffcient; Behavior-Driven Developments are a Beacon of Hope? The StratEx Experience (A Public-Private SaaS and On-Premises Application) – Part I
by Rudolf de Schipper & Abdelkrim Boujraf

PERFORMANCE COLUMN: The Skills Performance Testers Need and How to Get Them
by Alex Podelko

Mobile Test Automation – Preparing the Right Mixture of Virtuality and Reality
by Venkatesh Sriramulu, Venkatesh Ramasamy, Vinothraj Jagadeesan & Balakumar Padmanaban

Demystifying DevOps through a Tester’s Perspective
by Prasad Ramanujam, Alisha Bakhthawar & Mathangi Pollur Nott

Always Know What’s Going On – Successful Quality Management with Visual Studio IntelliTrace
by Torsten Zimmermann & Frank Maar

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Tool
by Mithun Sridharan

Multi-Platform Mobile Test Automation for the Financial Sector
by Dr. Jens Calamé, Parag Kulkarni & Sven Euteneuer

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