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Agile … Is It Worth It? Advantages of Using It
by Antonio González & Rubén Fernández

Test-Driven Developments are Ineffcient; Behavior-Driven Developments are a Beacon of Hope? The StratEx Experience – Part II
by Rudolf de Schipper & Abdelkrim Boujraf

A Report about Non-Agile Support for Agile
by Martin Uhlig

PERFORMANCE COLUMN: Exploratory Performance Testing
by Alex Podelko

What Developers and Testers Need to Know about the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard
by Klaus Haller

What Makes a Good Quality Tester?
by Jacqueline Vermette

Ready for CAMS? The Foundation of DevOps
by Wolfgang Gottesheim

Combinatorial Testing Tools
by Danilo Berta

A Continuous Integration Test Framework
by Gregory Solovey & Phil Gillis

The Three Pillars of Agile Quality and Testing
by Robert Galen

Serious Games for Testers
by Cesario Ramos & Pascal Dufour

Testing the Internet of Things (IoT) – the Future is Here
by Venkat Ramesh Atigadda

Organize Your Testing Using Test Varieties and Coverage Types
by Rik Marselis & Bert Linker

Reasoning the Next Version of Test Automation Myths
by Sujith Shajee

Testing Enterprise Applications: Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™
by Philipp Benkler

A Unifed Framework for All Automation Needs – Part III
by Vladimir Belorusets

Book Review: Hands-on Mobile App Testing
by Maik Nogens


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