testing experience magazine No.4




by José Díaz

News: Industry Leaders Announce New Software Quality Testing Certifcation

Testing performance in complex environments
by Markus Kröger

A brief introduction to testing technical embedded, software-specifc systems
by Thomas Thurner

Interview Tauseef Khan

Proftable, benefcial deployment of test automation in the area of SAP Core-Banking
by Alberto Vivenzio

The Record & Playback Fairy Tale
by Koen Wellens

Boon and Bane of GUI Test Automation
by Mark Michaelis

Practical approaches to improving your testing
by Huuw Price

Model-based Test Development and Automation
by Claus Gittinger

Test Process Improvement Manifesto
by Erik van Veenendaal

Doing Automation the Smart Way!
by Adrian O’Leary

Interview Andreas Golze and Stephan Goericke

Risk investment Test Automation?
by Konrad Schlude

Improved time to market through automated software testing
by Dr. Mike Bartley

Automating the testing of the GUI for Multilanguage applications
by Marco Torres

A Simplifed Automation Solution Using WATIJ
by Steven Troy, Jamie Mitchell and Rex Black

Ensuring SOA ROI
by Rami Jaamour

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