testing experience magazine No.6




by José Díaz

Claim-Based Authorization – Next Generation Identity Management
by Manu Cohen-Yashar

The Liability of Software Producers and Testers
by Julia Hilterscheid

Application Security Fundamentals
by Joel Scambray

Security Testing by Methodology: the OSSTMM
by Simon Wepfer and Pete Herzog

Wanted: Technical Test Analysts
by Erik van Veenendaal

Application Security – Money Still Being Squandered on It
by Serge Baumberger

Interview Mike Smith

Web Vulnerability Scanners: Tools or Toys?
by Dave van Stein

A Risk-Based Approach to Improving Software Security
by Rex Black

Case Study: An Automated Software Testing Framework (ASTF) Example
by Elfriede Dustin

The need for a structured security test approach!
by Andreas Prins

Business Logic Security Testing and Fraud
by James Christie

Demystifying Web Application Security Landscape
by Mandeep Khera

Customer Success Story – Advertorial
by Vladan Konstantinovic

How to conduct basic information security audits?
by Nadica Hrgarek

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