testing experience magazine No.7




by José Díaz

Are All Pigs Equal?
by Stuart Reid

All-clear for „hackers“
by Julia Hilterscheid

Quality – An agile point of view
by Lior Friedman

A Tester perspective on Test-Driven Development
by Alessandro Collino

A way to get better software
by Henrik Andersson

Performance Testing : Simulation of reality or Really a simulation?
by Bernard Homès

SCRUM & Testing: Back to the Future
by Erik van Veenendaal

How Agile Methodologies Challenge Testing
by Rex Black

Testing in an organisation going agile
by Eric Jimmink

by Mary and Tom Poppendieck

The Future of Testing – How Testing and Technology will Change
by Joachim Herschmann

Testability: Investment, not Overhead
by David Evans

Driving an Agile Peg in a CMMI Hole
by Timothy Korson

Automated Integration Testing in Agile Environments
by Slobodanka Sersik and Dr. Gerald Schröder

Testing is a hidden project
by Miroslav Diviš

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