testing experience magazine No.8




by José Díaz

IEEE829:2008 A major change of focus
by Bernard Homès

Standards in Medical IT
by Dr. Anne Kramer and Georg Götz

The consequences if testing standards are not followed
by Julia Hilterscheid

Do standards keep testers in the kindergarten?
by James Christie

Standards: to be used with common sense!
by Erik van Veenendaal

Standards – Curse or Blessing
by Anke Löwer

Empirical Evaluation of Exploratory Testing
by Bj Rollison

TPI® NEXT: Test Process Improvement improved!
by Bert Linker and Ben Visser

Standards: Do We Really Need Them In The Age Of Cloud Computing?
by Koray Yitmen

Advanced Software Test Design Techniques: Use Cases
by Rex Black

The Test SPICE Approach
by Monique Blaschke, Michael Philipp, Tomas Schweigert

You’ve chosen your open source tool: Now what can you ACTUALLY do with it?
by Anna Fiorucci and Andrea Minchella

Test Automation: Salutations to the World
by David Harrison

5 reasons why your Agile Testing project will fail
by Rajesh Mathur

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