testing experience magazine No.9




by José Díaz

The Migration Test Process
by Harry M. Sneed & Richard Seidl

Advancing testing through Simplicity
by Jonne Ratterman & Eric Jimmink

“We always use Process Cycle Testing (PCT)”
by Derk-Jan de Grood

Test Techniques – Why bother?
by Erik van Veenendaal

Testing Clouds
by Peter Cole

Test management 2.0
by Thomas Hijl

Test 2.0 – Advanced Testing Techniques in Life Insurance
by Jens Fricke & Thomas Niess

Interview with Chris O’Malley
by Rex Black

Applications of Model-Based Statistical Testing for the Automotive and Factory Automation Domains
by Robert Eschbach & Tanvir Hussain

Advanced Issues on Test Management for Limited Platforms
by Clauirton A Siebra, Nancy L. Lino, Fabio Q.B. Silva & Andre L. M. Santos

Test Language
by Ayal Zylberman & Aviram Shotten

Test design for stubborn applications
by Alexandra Imrie & Markus Tiede

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