testing experience magazine No.1




by José Díaz
Adopt Your Local Professor: The Need for Industry and Academia to Work Together
By Patricia A. McQuaid

Putting the ‘Analysis’ in a Test Analyst
By Mike Smith

A Quality Manifesto
By Tom Gilb

The Future Tester— What is necessary to know and track?
By Alon Linetzki

Result-driven testing
By Derk-Jan de Grood

Column — Soft Skills: The Forgotten Link!?
By Erik van Veenendaal

ISTQB Certification: Why You Need It and How to Get It
By Rex Black

Software Testing Engineers Support High-Tech Japan
By Satoshi Masuda

The Need for Measuring Software Security
By Markus Schumacher & Sebastian Schinzel

TTCN-3: Towards a common testing methodology
By Raquel Jiménez Garrido

The human factor within the quality challenge
By Joachim Fuchs

What a Tester Should Know, At Any Time, Even After Midnight
By Hans Schaefer

Why can’t testers code?
By James Lyndsay

The long way to become a tester – My experience
By Tamás Stöckert

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