CMAP Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level

Available Dates

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  Date Location Trainer Language Price (exclusive VAT)  
  27.02.2017 – 28.02.2017 G Hannover Bernd Hofmann Deutsch 1.050,00 € Register
  03.04.2017 – 04.04.2017 Berlin Deutsch 945,00 € E
1.050,00 €
  08.05.2017 – 09.05.2017 Berlin Deutsch 945,00 € E
1.050,00 €
  19.06.2017 – 20.06.2017 Frankfurt am Main Deutsch 945,00 € E
1.050,00 €
  17.07.2017 – 18.07.2017 Berlin Deutsch 945,00 € E
1.050,00 €

Course Details

The certified Mobile Application Professional – Foundation Level Tester (MAP-FLT) certification helps a tester get an overview of important tools and techniques used in mobile application testing. The testers also get to understand the similarities and differences with respect to more conventional testing.

The syllabus has following sections

  • Overview of Mobile World
  • Mobile Application Test Types
  • Mobile Application Testing Process & Techniques
  • Tools and Automation


A Mobile Application Testing certified professional can

  • Assist in adaptation of existing testing processes for testing of mobile applications
  • Support the requirements team in review of mobile application related requirements using knowledge of mobile markets and contexts
  • Adapt existing testing experience and knowledge and existing way of testing web and other applications to mobile testing including user expectations
  • Identify and apply appropriate methods for testing of characteristics unique to mobile Technology
  • Apply appropriate techniques for testing in a mobile application Project
  • Identify and use appropriate tools to assist in mobile application testing including emulators and Simulators
  • Assist the mobile application team in identifying potential test automation activities and corresponding Tools
  • Assist in identification of requirements of a test lab for carrying out mobile application testing

Every participant is required to bring their own laptop with a modern browser; which must support Wi-Fi. Furthermore it has to have the following requirements:

  • Laptop or desktop with core 2 Duo or up/Mac
  • min. 4 GB RAM for Mac, 8  GB RAM for Windows (recommended 8 GB RAM for Mac, 16 GB RAM for Windows)
  • Windows version 7.0/8.0, Mac, Linux Ubuntu 12.0 or above
  • 10 GB Free Hard Disk space

The exam is a 40 question, multiple choice exam. Examinations may be taken as part of a training course or taken independently (e.g. at an examination center or in a public examination). The exam will cost 250,— € plus VAT.

Course in German Language

CMAP – Certified Mobile Application Professional – German Course

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