Yaron Tsubery

Yaron Tsubery | testing experience

Yaron Tsubery has been a Director of QA & Testing Manager at Comverse for seven years. Yaron is in charge of a large group that includes Testing Team Leaders and Test Engineers. The group deals with Functional, Non-functional, Load & Performance tests, some of which are done off-shore. The group has much experience in managing and controlling acceptance tests. Yaron is also known as a manager who has built testing groups in his past and also acted as a consultant to testing managers while they were building their testing groups. Yaron has been working in software since 1990, and has more then 15 years in testing feld as a Test Engineer, Testing TL, and Testing Manager. His original profession was Systems Analyst.

Yaron worked in Product Management, Project Management and Development for at least 3 years before becoming a Director of QA & Testing. Yaron is a member of ISTQB (Inter- national Testing Qualifcations Board – www.istqb.org) and is the President and founder of the ITCB (Israeli Testing Certifcation Board – www.itcb.org.il). He is a member of IQAMF (Israeli QA Manag- ers Forum) and in SIGiST Israel. Yaron has been invited as a speaker to some important international confer- ences to lecture on subjects related to testing.

Yaron has lots of experience in banking business processes. For the last 7 years he has implemented best practices in a feld where he is in charge of producing complex systems for telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, NTT DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless etc’; Main systems in Mobile technology: i-mode, Mobile GW and Billing Proxy, in SI projects: Content Data Management solutions, Video Solutions, IPTV and IMS.

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