Creative Storyboarding for Business


Course Overview

This two-day workshop will take students on a truly creative journey to discovery. Attendees will graduate fully equipped with visualisation concepts, tools and
techniques as well as a clear and engaging storyboard bursting with business value.

On day one students will be guided through fun, bite-sized exercises that will collectively improve their visualisation skills for use within a business context, such as
team workshops, presentations, reviews and retrospectives.

On day two students will have the opportunity to deep-dive into a unique customer/business need by building a storyboard with a strong narrative. By applying newly
gained visualisation skills, individuals will be faced with the ideal environment to evolve ideas and build an impactful story. Each phase of production will be closed with a
helpful feedback session with the group. The final stage will see the completion of a highly refined large-scale storyboard ready to present to key stakeholders.

Delegates will have the option of applying storyboard techniques to create a variety of outputs such as a customer journey, product roadmap, plan or vision.

Workshop Breakdown

Day 1

• The theory behind visualisation, learning styles and visual concepts
• Practising basic seed shapes before progressing to idea-focused drawings
• Active listening techniques
• Collaborative sketching
• Handwriting techniques
• Employing layout, flow and structure patterns
• Use of graphic templates
• Problem Solving collaborative exercises/ simulations

Day 2
(Modular development with fast feedback loops from peers)

• Introduction to the benefits of Storyboarding
• Creating a narrative flow of the big picture from beginning to end
• Establishing key milestones
• Panel elaboration (Initial idea generation, through to design)
• Camera Angles/ Framing shots
• Creation and refinement
• Presentation/ feedback
• Close


Pre-requisites are not required for this course but it is helpful if students come equipped with a story they wish to capture visually (such as a customer journey, product roadmap, plan or vision).

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